The package matters. Photo by VelvetOpposites attract. Special edition. Photo by Mardo MännimägiNautimus Gala. Dressing for catering. Photo by Harry TiitsNautimus Gala. Dressing for catering. Photos by Harry TiitsNautimus Gala. Dressing for catering. Photo by Harry TiitsTie&Apron Chef. Photos by Mardo MännimägiIt's all about presentation. Photos by Mardo MännimägiCustom made tie-aprons for Black Rose. Photos by Mardo MännimägiAlways trust the Chef in Tie&Apron. Even if you do not see what exactly is being cooked. Photo by Mardo MännimägiTo tie a tie is not an affair that can be accomplished quickly, in a rush. Photos by Mariann LukkaSpecial occasions require dresses that are special. Estonian Interior Architects cooking muffins. Part 1. Photo by Mardo Männimägi
Special occasions require dresses that are special. Estonian Interior Architects cooking muffins. Part 2. Photo by Mardo MännimägiMen in kitchen is a hot topic these days - corporate gift for Floorin. Photos by FloorinCorporate gift for Soini&Horto. Photos by Mardo MännimägiPull on the Tie&Apron and let the kitche'n'box begin! Photo by Mardo MännimägiOne of the first tie-aprons. Photos by Mardo MännimägiUpcycled tie-aprons for Pegasus. Designed in co-work with Upmade. Photo by Mardo MännimägiTaurus. Fashion-Performance-Dance 2015. Photos by Caroline SadaTie&Apron BaristaPhotos by Mardo MännimägiTie&Apron's designer at Cafe Lulu. Photo by Rudi MaesTie&Apron's Christmas Card. Photo by Aivo KallasUpcycled tie-apron Clouds. Photos by Silvia PärmannSpecial edition. Photo by Mardo MännimägiNuuun in Cologne. Dressing for catering. Photos by Miyo Studio