The package matters. Photo by VelvetOpposites attract. Photo by Mardo MännimägiWe work with a number of restaurants and cafeterias to make their teams look top notch with our tie-aprons. Nautimus GalaNautimus Gala.Nautimus Gala. Photos by Harry TiitsTie&Apron Chef. Photos by Mardo MännimägiIt's all about presentation. Photos by Mardo MännimägiCustom made tie-aprons for Black Rose. Photos by Mardo MännimägiAlways trust the Chef in Tie&Apron. Even if you do not see what exactly is being cooked. Photo by Mardo MännimägiTo tie a tie is not an affair that can be accomplished quickly, in a rush. Photos by Mariann LukkaSpecial occasions require dresses that are special. Estonian Interior Architects cooking muffins. Part 1. Photo by Mardo Männimägi
Part 2. Photo by Mardo MännimägiMen in kitchen is a hot topic these days - corporate gift for Floorin. Photos by FloorinCorporate gift for Soini&Horto. Photos by Mardo MännimägiPull on the Tie&Apron and let the kitche'n'box begin! Photo by Mardo MännimägiOne of the first tie-aprons. Photos by Mardo MännimägiUpcycled tie-aprons for Pegasus. Designed in co-work with Upmade. Photo by Mardo MännimägiTaurus. Fashion-Performance-Dance 2015. Photos by Caroline SadaTie&Apron BaristaPhotos by Mardo MännimägiTie&Apron's designer at Cafe Lulu. Photo by Rudi MaesTie&Apron's Christmas Card. Photo by Aivo KallasUpcycled tie-apron Clouds. Photos by Silvia PärmannSpecial edition. Photo by Mardo MännimägiNuuun in Cologne. Dressing for catering. Photos by Miyo Studio