Like most great things in life, the story of Tie-Apron began quite unexpectedly. It happened one night when Estonian designer Andres Labi was invited to a dinner party.

While serving the meal, the host - who was dressed in a black tie and a black apron - was in a constant struggle to stop his tie from dipping in the food every time he leaned forward to pass the next dish to the guests.

While witnessing this struggle, Andres couldn't help also noticing that the host’s black tie and apron seemed to merge into one another so fluidly, creating the illusion of one single elegant piece of clothing.

Fascinated by this intriguing contradiction and eager to save other such stylish hosts from the same failure of functionality in future, Andres turned to the woman sitting next to him:

“Why not combine the tie and apron into a single piece of clothing? They are so often worn together anyway.”

The woman looked at him and said: “Well, you are a designer. Make it happen!”

The idea of putting the tie and apron together seemed so cunningly simple that he rushed home and designed the world’s first Tie-Apron.

Today, the design concept of the Tie-Apron is registered worldwide and Tie and Apron is the internationally registered trademark.